The Amazing RE/MAX® Skydivers

skydivers, spr fl., croppedRE/MAX Skydivers Thrilling Crowds
Undoubtedly the most thrilling entrance to any outdoor festival, sporting contest, or community gathering, the RE/MAX Skydiving Team is delivering it’s show-stopping performance to thousands of Texans this fall at some of our region’s grandest outdoor event venues.           
·        Plano Balloon Festival Sept 20-22
·        Wings Over Houston Airshow at Houston’s Ellington AFB Oct 25-27
·        Texas Motor Speedway NASCAR Weekend Nov 1-3
·        Terrell Fly-In Sept 21-22
In less than 60 days the giant red, white and blue RE/MAX canopy parachutes will generate a half-million heart-stopping impressions on Texas outdoor types at publically promoted festivals, as well as RE/MAX Office-sponsored Texas high school and college football games.
Skydiving Team Captain Al Saylor says the adrenalin rush sparked by seeing thousands of spectators watching their landing is palpable. Skydivers over Tx Mtr Speedway
Some events, like the NASCAR races, there’ll be 250,000 people with their heads back, watching us while the National Anthem is playing.  It really plants our “Above the Crowd!(R) image in their minds with a performance they won’t forget.”

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